“I have taken 20 weeks of Taiji. I can stand and sit in a relaxed manner for longer and longer periods of time. I do the deep breathing and the total relaxation routine to pump up energy in the afternoon and evening. . . “
F.F. C.

“I believe I have derived some very fine results from my Tai Chi. My breathing is much better and so is my balance.”
J. W.P.

“I feel it has helped me in many ways. Flexibility, circulation, balance, coordination, posture, concentration, focus, a sense of well-being and ways I am not conscious of.”
I. L.

“Learning how to balance was the main reason for joining your Tai Chi class. I have a nerve problem in my brain which makes me feel off balance & dizzy at various times without warning. Learning to stay ‘grounded’ has helped me in a variety of daily situations. I feel great now & want to continue these classes.”
B. R.

“Tai Chi classes have been a part of my life for several years. The benefits of Tai Chi are remarkable and so are Kalila King’s teaching techniques.”
S. B.

“After a year of doing daily 30-minute routines of breathing stretches & joint exercises two times a day, I have regained my confidence while walking, now without a cane.
F. F. C.